An Overview.

Whilst artificial insemination is not always the cheapest option, there is a general agreement that it possesses a number of distinct advantages over natural breeding. The main advantage is that the best stallion for your mare can be used irrespective of location.  Mares that cannot travel or have a foal at foot, or mares with an injury not detrimental to foaling but that prevents them from supporting a natural covering can all benefit from AI. More importantly the use of AI can prevent the transmission of infection and lessen the risk of injury to both the stallion and the mare.When using chilled semen constant contact with the stallion owner is of great importance as this helps ensure that the semen arrives with the mare for insemination at the optimum time.By making chilled semen available from a stallion it is possible for a stud to make their stallion accessible to mares based some distance from them.So a stallion in Tamworth,NSW can provide semen for a mare in Northam,WA on the day of collection!Before despatching chilled semen it is essential that the quality of the semen is checked by personnel familiar with semen handling. Mare management is more intensive than with live-cover but results (should be) better.For many mare owners the use of chilled or frozen semen can open up a whole new genetic base not previously available to them,helping to improve their existing stock. In some of the minority breeds where there are very few stallions available to choose from, the use of imported semen becomes an option which requires careful consideration.
                                                                Services we offer

*Stallion semen collection for test chill/freeze, collect for chill/ship locally or interstate. As AGWA licensed and approved inseminators and semen collectors,we are able to stand outside stallions on our property in safe, positive environments specific to your stallions requirements. We can also train your stallion to be collected via an AV and tested for chilled/transported semen. Our well equipped laboratory, separate AV filling area and enclosed/climate controlled insemination areas ensure only semen of the highest quality is dispatched to your mare owners. We have couriers travelling to and from Perth Airport twice daily. Collection days for chilling/shipping are usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
*Mare preparation for insemination with chilled/shipped semen, frozen semen and van service. Foaling down and management of high risk mare pregnancies. Regular 'hands on' seminars on all apects of horse breeding.With 20 years experience in breeding horses and 10 years intensive training and experience in Artificial Breeding, we have developed a series of techniques and protocols that ensure even the most difficult mares have good chance of getting in foal via live cover, chilled/shipped semen or frozen semen. A success rate of 100% pregnant within 3 cycles and an average of 1.1 breeds per pregnancy is equal to or above industry standard. Working with some of the best Equine Reproduction Vets, we can prepare your mare for breeding to a local stallion. If your mares require chilled or frozen insemination using an eastern states based or overseas stallion, we can prepare the mare for insemination by your vet or ourselves.

As we are constantly updating and improving skills through local and overseas training, both stallion and mare owners can be assured every effort is being made to achieve a pregnancy AND a live foal.
We hope you find the information on this site (when completed) useful and relevant and that it inspires you to consider Artificial Breeding for your mare and/or stallion.We welcome all enquiries and questions.                                             

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